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Keto rocks

Keto and ketones freaking rock

 4 jeans sizes. Clarity. Focus. Energy. Healthy Bloodwork. Amazing Sleep. 

Whats not to love?

Its quite seriously not even about the weight any more - although that’s been a huge bonus. It’s about how good I freaking feel. Alive. Alight. Energetic. Younger. My brain works.

These bloody delicious craving-cutting patented potions have saved me from myself. I get tears of grateful when I think about it. 🔥😱 Crazy when you think that this technology is simply something you shake up with water, drink and feel fab.

Its not a meal replacement, but you will save money, because they cut cravings for sugar and even out your appetite, which is really cool.

yep - that was me. Well - its still me - just less of me.

I used to be a carboholic and a sugar fan. I loved pasta, bread, donuts - you name it i was there! Front of the line. I can still eat them on these, but i don't crave them anymore.

I've been back and forth to Weight Watchers for years. I loved their way of eating - everything in moderation, nothing out of bounds, but just couldn't shake the carb habit. Not that i actually wanted to.

I’d tried almost everything but kept failing.

And I'd put on more weight each time.

I started taking these August 2018 after watching a friend loose quite a lot of weight and have had VERY exciting results. They aren’t full of fillers like all the others. and they are NATURAL and Bio identical. (thats pretty important)

I know you're ridiculously skeptical - i was too. Stalk me on facebook and you can see my story.

Most noticeable results:

- lower carb and sugar cravings (they are gone these days) 

- great sleep, better mood, awesome energy 

10 days - Fat loss -  1-2 cm off most parts of my body. - only 1kg down, but loose jeans!! (preserving muscle mass)

20 days - 6 cm off my waist!

Update 28 days - 9  cm off my waist.

8 weeks down 2.7 kg and 11 cm off waistline. Way more across my whole body.

November Lost 4 kg and managed to break my emotional attachment with food! Wow. this was a biggie considering I've never been able to even identify it before. #lifechanging

December I've lost 5 kg!! and 13 cm off my waist and middle. 6cm off each leg. 3 cm off each arm (aka batwing) - Have pulled out all my sz 14 clothes that ive had in boxes.

January down 7kg. Maintained weight over Christmas and new year.

March - down 2 jeans sizes! Still shrinking!! 14cm off waist. Lost 1/2 my face 


End feb 19 compared to Sep 18

April - Still shrinking!! 10kg loss now.  Feet got smaller (?) Finally lost some off my boobs. My arms are more toned and my cravings are non existent. Making much better dietary choices. Portions way down as is our shopping bill and my coffee consumption..

Whopping 68cm off my whole body and still going.

May size 11 jeans!!! Down from Sz 18. Sz 12 tops from 18.

‘I think I’ve found my hallelujah’ to quote an amazing song. This is not something I'm ever giving up and really - the free product program is amazing (ask me) but even if I had to pay $1M id still take these. All jokes aside, we have saved SO much money on our shopping bill and numerous other places.

August It’s been a year now and I’m healthy, recovered from appendix surgery in just a week and I’m full of life. No more headaches. No more uncontrollable food hunts.

Its still a work in progress and I’m getting 1% better every day. 

September woot! Im still going!!!  Nothing has been sustainable like this :) 

December Still going! I havent fallen off the wagon. Super sustainable.

 What happens when you stop?

Nothing. Nothing happens. Life goes on. But I know I’ve broken the bones of some really bad habits and I cleaned a lot of fat out of my system.

You either drink coffee or you don’t.

You eat pasta or you don’t. 

Would I put it all back on? No because I’m clearer and cleaner now and off the sugar thanks to these. My skin is amazing. Sleep is like the dead.

If you’ve struggled to stay on any diet or even a #keto diet these are for you. They will help take away your cravings and make good choices.

What have you got to lose? 

June 19 -  Apr 19 - Sep 18

Stalk me on facebook here. I made videos when i started to hold myself accountable.This was my first video. Here are the rest.  

One of my recent videos - here is my first video. Wow. what a journey. Whopping 77 cm off my whole body and still going. Still pinch myself that it has worked and is sustainable.

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The biggest change has been in my body shape and the amount of weight around my organs. I've also seen better clarity and mood. Way more focused and lots of energy.

Late Aug 2018 - early Apr 2019

The experience.

Firstly - this is NOT a keto diet. You are simply drinking what your body produces naturally but only when you've burned all your glucose (sugar and carbs). This hacks that. 

Most of us never get to this state - you'd have to be starving or run a marathon. yeah nah. This drink helps burn fat that we would never usually get to. You will get amazing benefits if you make a few changes but its not necessary.

The learnings 

- keto headaches - once i got my salt balance right I sorted these. Not everyone gets these. I’m prone to headaches anyway. 

- fogginess - for the first week while my body tried to work out what was happening to it. Some haven’t had this - just awesome energy from day 1.

- Cost. I was thinking this was a little much for a sachet. However, I've had the experience and what I've saved in coffee, cravings and stopping at 7-Eleven well and truly makes up for this. (Realistically I was spending a min of $20 on WW a week and multiples coffees and chocolate bars, maccas, bakeries etc).

I've researched and these are the closest bio match to our own ketones currently for purchase - why spend good money on cheaper products with fillers that our bodies find harder to process. All I know is this bloody stuff works. They also taste good which is a big plus for me. Heart Tart is my fave. Tastes like fruit tingles.

Plus I am eating so much better and much less.

Its changed my relationship with food and I am no longer craving sweet or carb.

I did reduce my bread consumption, as i found that by drinking my magic potion, i wanted less. I haven't been hungry. The biggest challenge is to balance my thoughts, and getting rid of my "low fat" beliefs. I also changed from milk to cream in my coffee. These are the 2 main changes i have made since starting.

Maybe I'll even exercise at some stage. Nah. Who am I kidding. Bush walking or city exploring is about as keen as I get for moving my body.

Take the 10 day challenge with us!


What are ketones and ketosis?
Fab video here if you are a watch and learn kinda person.

Ketones, B-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), acetoacetate (ACA) and acetone, are the by-products of fat breakdown. Ketones can be used by the tissues, including the brain, in the body in much the same way as glucose, and are thought to be a superior fuel source to glucose. Being in a state of ketosis refers to having elevated blood levels of ketones.

Is ketosis safe?

Being in a state of ketosis is a very safe process. This is a naturally occurring process in the body when you break down fat. Most people have been in ketosis at some point, due to exercise or dietary changes, although not usually long enough to experience the amazing benefits conferred through elevated ketones over an extended period of time.

How do I increase ketones levels in my body?

In the past, the process of increasing ketones in the blood was achieved through a strict, carbohydrate-restive diet called the ketogenic diet. This allowed the body to move from using glucose (sugar) as its primary source of fuel, and to transition to using fats as its primary source of fuel. Today, we can achieve this state through exogenous ketone supplementation with Keto-OS.

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Can I take too many ketones?

It would be very difficult to overdose on ketones. They are water soluble, so excess ketones will be eliminated mainly via the urine.

Are ketones and KETO//OS safe?

Ketones naturally exist in the body, and are created as a normal process of fat metabolism.  KETO//OS simply provides these ketones from an exogenous source, but they have the same beneficial impact.  However, if you suffer from any medical conditions, it is always safe to consult your health care provider prior to starting any new nutritional supplement. If you are concerned, use the uncharged Keto//OS or Max, start with a reduced serving for the first few days.

How do I know if I’m in ketosis? 

A simple urine test, 30 minutes after taking your Keto-OS, will show the elevated ketone levels in the body. You can also take a blood test using a glucometer with ketone strips for the most accurate reading of ketones in your blood.


Take the 10 day challenge with us!

It will change your life




one of my good friends Belinda is on the same journey :)


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