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The thing with travel...

As my flight bounces onto the runway in Melbourne and glides past the huge metal birds waiting at the airport for their next load of passengers, I am reminded about why I love to travel. Exploring new cultures and new landscapes brings a gratitude and a self awareness that you can't achieve by staying in your comfort zone. 

The thing with travel is that although sometimes it's hard, it's always when we learn the most about ourselves. Travel brings challenges. It brings weather events, flight delays, strange food, new cultures, lack of sleep and sometimes language barriers. Isn't this half the fun?

All these experiences add to our metal as a human. They test us and show us what we are made of.  They show how we cope in a stressful situation. It gives a good dose of grateful when we see people happily living their lives beside a dusty railway line in a tin shanty, although they may have very little. It tests our pre-conceived ideas about who, what, why and when and challenges some of our strongest beliefs. 

It's when this shift occurs that the learning and self awareness happens. 

Now. Let me explain to you that I am an ENFP in Myers Briggs personality so this may not all ring true for you. This is the world according to Emma. It's a world of positivity and optimism, enthusiasm and energy, of open mindedness and self exploration. Of new experiences and opportunities, of constant change and learning. 

I'm always happy for my beliefs to be challenged and changed. And this happens constantly when I travel. 

And that is the thing with travel. (For me) ☺️

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