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Keto Kapers

Thanks for stopping by! We believe that the earth is smaller every day. As humans we need connection and a reason.

Emma is the Author of the soon to be released title - The F Word.

She is an accredited DSWA coach, and is currently studying Nutrition and Wellness. She is super passionate about sharing her own journey to empower and assist others. Emma has struggled her whole life with weight - she'd been on and off diets and finally found the forever key. Emma loves teaching how she achieved this, and coaches on how to claim back your mojo and rediscover your inner bounce. Emma has already positively impacted many of those around her with simple, easy to follow, small changes towards #nomoredietsever. What's not to love!

Emma is a qualified and accomplished Motivational Speaker and her strength lies in igniting fires and passion in others, to help them pursue their best lives.

Book a call to discuss what you're thinking and see if we match each other :)

Emma speaks and coaches on many things including -  

  • Why diets don't work
  • Why Fat doesn't make us fat
  • Why calories in calories out doesn't work
  • How to implement a Keto and Low Carb lifestyle to maximise your health. 
  • Health and Hormones.
  • How to rediscover your passion and flame
  • How to make small changes for extraordinary results
  • Why everything we believe about food is flawed
  • Building and Realising your vision
  • Lose weight forever by eating real food
  • #nomoredietsever workshops

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