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Congratulations on taking the first step!

How do I take my ketones?

You’ve made an amazing choice to move toward better and these can help you with your mood, energy, sleep, focus and fat loss. 

Read below to maximise your experience.

If you've found your way to this page, youve probably got a pack and are excited to start!

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Some helpful tips. 

Step 1.

Have a glass of water 😊

Start with ½ or 1/4 sachet for the first 1-2 days.

It’s better to begin with ½ a serving because this is new to your body. Add as much water as you need.

You can also try a ½ packet in the afternoon.

Drink it slowly over 15-20 mins. Don’t gulp it. Give your body time to absorb the ketones.

Take on an empty stomach or with food.

KREME is an addition for your tea/coffee – try it with full cream on strawberries! It’s very sweet. Add It a spoonful at a time. It’s a special fat and collagen that helps your body produce its own ketones.


It’s important to hydrate, as 75% of us are chronically dehydrated. A little video here :) 

Taking KETO OS or starting a ketogenic diet can deplete your body of electrolytes so drink more water and add Himalayan pink salt to your food and water – this helps replenish your electrolytes.

Try a pink Himalayan salt glass/shot in the morning, The salt replenishes any minerals you’ll lose when your body is doing what it does. Eat when you’re hungry.

Adapt this to your shifts and lifestyle.

TIPS for max results.
Recommended for maximum results but not necessary to receive benefits

 Try to drink a lot of water. 2-3 L is good.

Eliminate sugary foods and drinks, flours and wheats and grains

Limit yourself to 100g carbs a day if possible. Make them healthy carbs. Leafy greens are great!

Increase your healthy fats

If you’re ambitious and you want to follow a keto diet – Simple guideline is: 65%fat/25%protein/10%carbs

Eat your last meal before 8pm. If you need to eat – eat fat only.

Move more. Take the stairs, go for a walk.

Get good sleep. Try to go to bed before 10.30/11pm


Flavour hack tips

Add a squeeze of lime to change the sweetness.

Add a shot of coffee to any chocolate sachet to make it not as sweet



Within 1 hour of taking these, you can test your blood, breath or urine.

Don’t worry too much about this. Like the scales, throw away the measures and go by feel.

Put on a pair of tight jeans – try them after a few weeks 😉

Please take measurements and a before photo (just for you)



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