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Supercharge your results with Keto OS from Pruvit


Keto OS NAT produces the most bioavailable ketone salts through the first and only naturally fermented process.

 Keto OS will put you into a metabolic state of ketosis in 59 minutes or less.

"Keto Coach Approved” for:
  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle Preservation

  • Fast & Sustained Energy

  • Reduced Brain Fog & Increased Focus

  • Appetite Suppression

  • Strength Gain

  • Better Digestion , Mood & Sleep

  • A way to supercharge your ketogenic or low carb diet 

 Where to buy Keto OS?

You can buy Keto OS in Australia from the official Australia Pruvit site or from my pruvit ketones samples page.

Keto OS works within 1 hour or less after consumption. It is a pure therapeutic ketone supplement that gets absorbed into your cells allowing for a state of ketosis to occur.

Benefits of Keto OS

There are many benefits of ketosis and KETO OS NAT.

Here are a few of the benefits I have found:

  • Fat-Loss: KETO OS targets and burns body fat with every serving by positioning your body to follow a proven, accepted, and universal fat-loss formula.
  • Appetite Suppression: Ketones naturally suppress your appetite allowing you to make better choices and eat less frequently.
  • Protect and preserve muscle: Ketones are protein/muscle sparing and will preserve and protect your lean tissue during periods of caloric restriction. The more muscle you preserve, the more fat you burn.
  • Fast & Sustained Energy: Ketones offer fast energy that maximizes your mindset and mental focus while motivating you to move more, do more, and be more.
  • Improved Clarity & Focus: KETO OS provides a cleaner, quicker energy pathway than glucose while providing very important signaling molecules to the body.
  • Joint Mobility: Ketones, specifically beta hydroxybutyrate found in Prüvit’s Proprietary Technology, help maintain healthy joint mobility.

What kind of diet should I follow when I’m drinking Keto OS ketones?

The best part about taking exogenous ketones like Keto OS NAT, is that you can experience the benefits of ketosis without major diet modification. However, it is encouraged that you slowly begin to follow a lower carbohydrate diet, and enhance your body’s ability to utilize ketones.

Low carb or a keto diet is recommended. Once you purchase ketones – I will connect you to our private Facebook Ketones Group where you will get access to Keto OS coaching, recipes and tips!


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One of the best ways to get started is a 10 day challenge kit.

This kit can be bought for your very first time on sale and contains 10 or 20 days worth of bio identical ketone sachets from Pruvit. Its all the popular flavours!


 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge by Pruvit


Yeah it works! Some of the benefits are better sleep, better food choices, feeling great, looking younger, (some of the many benefits of ketosis) because “you’re in ketosis”.

NOT REALLY! To maximize the benefits of Pruvit Keto OS, I recommend following a low carb or keto diet to maximize your results. BUT… it will work with other diets as well. What Keto OS does is really supercharge your ketosis (state of fat burning) and results when coupled with a good diet.

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It might be worth considering the 40% off Pruvit Pack and yes you can get ketones in australia - actually there are 27 countries now! 

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