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About the Book

Emma's first book has just been released. You can be one of the first to receive a signed copy by placing your order here.

In 2018, Emma  stumbled on a way of life that was not only delicious, but also sustainable. It also went against EVERYTHING she'd been told.

But she took a chance, assisted by a local Doctor - this helped her to find her inner bounce and regain her energy, plus drop from a size 18 in jeans to a size 11 in 21 weeks.

She is, by her own admission, still "a work in progress" and still has some "cheesecake" to go around her middle, but the small changes she made, have had big impact. They have seen her sustain this weight loss for almost 2 years and were powerful enough to leap into learning about why it works.

This has made her very passionate, and wanting to shout the keto and low carb lifestyle from the rooftops, because it has been transformational to many people around her too.

The F Word is an inspiring, easy-to-follow guide that will help you make small changes and improve your weight, health, sleep, mood and regain your mojo, with masses of practical tips and suggestions for small changes you can make for extraordinary results.

Learn why it's not your fault that you have fallen off every diet ever, and then some!

You're not alone. The world is heading down a path of an obesity epidemic. Its not too late to reverse this for yourself.

We have been told for years that the fundamentally flawed policy of "calories in = calories out" is the way to go and we've been made to feel unworthy and like we are failures.

In this book you'll learn the proof and steps you need to never fall off any more "food plans" and why they aren't working for you (or anyone in the human race for that matter).

This practical guide is full of tips and tricks to help you with #nomoredietsever


Confessions of a Cheesecake Lover. Small Changes for Extraordinary Results with Low Carb and Keto.

Emma is an accredited keto coach, and holds a Diploma in Nutrition and Wellness. She is super passionate about sharing her own journey to empower and assist others. Emma has struggled her whole life with weight - she'd been on and off diets and finally found the forever key. Emma loves teaching how she achieved this, and coaches on how to claim back your mojo and rediscover your inner bounce. Emma has already positively impacted many of those around her with simple, easy to follow, small changes towards #nomoredietsever. What's not to love!

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