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Keto Mini Course Jumpstart Kit
Keto Mini Course Jumpstart Kit
Keto Mini Course Jumpstart Kit

Keto Mini Course Jumpstart Kit

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Yes - You read that right.  No More Diets, Ever!

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with who you see?

Are you struggling having off every diet you’ve ever tried?

Have you vowed to start a ‘diet’ only to fall off a few days (or hours) later?

Are you moody and restless during the night?

Do you find it challenging to make ‘good’ food choices?

Are you lacking energy or willpower?

 I’ve been there.

 Deep down, you know you need to change, but you can’t quite bring yourself to stick to any of your promises.

 You’ve vowed to make better choices, stick to your ‘diet’ and not succumb to the food hunts. You wish you could reclaim your previous jeans size, just feel better about yourself, cope a bit better with your kids or partner and have willpower over your cravings. Above all you just want to feel like you again.

 I’ve been there.

 Maybe you’re stressed, and overwhelmed., because nothing you’ve tried works or is sustainable.

 I felt the same.

 I was SO confused about all the things I was “supposed” to be doing to change that and I didn’t know who to believe, because they all said different things. 

 I’d tried EVERYTHING. I was really struggling. I was crabby and didn’t sleep well. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt guilty and hopeless. I had given up and thought maybe I was destined to always be round and at the mercy of my lack of willpower.


I blamed me, yet it wasn’t my fault.


When I found this way of shrinking my body and melting off my belly fat, I couldn’t quite believe it. The food was amazing and easy and even better, I was so satisfied for the first time in years. I was shocked that it was so simple, yet I hadn’t known about it!  

I stopped yelling at my daughter because I was calmer. I wasn’t hangry like I had been for years. I stumbled on this way of eating in 2018 and have been able to impact not only myself and my family, but so many ever since this discovery.


It changed my life. Within a week or two, my jeans started to fall off, my hunger subsided, my brain fog lifted, yet I was eating EVERYTHING I’d been told not to, yet somehow, I felt SO much better! As I shared this, I saw others experience the same.


I was confused. It went against everything I believed.


I needed to understand how it was possible to feel so good, after having struggled for so long. I spent hours poring over research, learning from my community, and listening/reading everything I could. In an effort to understand more, I attended events, listened to experts in the field, and completed a Diploma of Nutrition. I invested in a 12-month long intensive Keto and Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting coaching course so I could not only understand, but help teach more people correctly, to make it sustainable, once they knew how.

I’ve been continuously coaching people using this knowledge, to save them time and money (because I did the research for them) and we have seen such extraordinary results! These people will never need follow another diet. Ever. 


Here are the resources I used.

This pack includes

  • MYO Meal guide
  • 21 day food guide
  • A hard copy of my book - the F Word
  • keto Shopping guides
  • RED and green food lists
  • ketonalysis
  • keto 101 mini course
  • keto recipe booklet and swaps guide
  • cravings cheat sheet
  • a complementary keto coaching call
  • worksheets

I’d like to invite you to be part of our coaching community if you'd like more than just resources and see the amazing results for yourself– I am excited for you to feel like a million dollars, because I know how this can impact your life.


If you’re still experiencing any of these, this will benefit you:

~ Tired and lacking energy and struggling with cravings

~ Don’t know what to eat -confused about how to 'keto' or 'low carb

~ Stressed and not sleeping well

~ Struggling with your weight

~ Moody or brain fog


Book your complimentary call with me today. Just what if?



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